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Shoulder Holsters

Our best selling item is our Universal Shoulder Harness. It comes with your choice of one of two Derringner holster pockets, a small holster pocket, a medium holster pocket or a large holster pocket (for firearms from 2.75"-9" in overall length from the tip of the barrel to the hammer). These "mix & match" holster pockets allows you to carry virtually any handgun with your Universal Shoulder Harness. The detachable pockets are every bit as secure on the harness as are our sewn in holster pockets on the Ultra model. For those that prefer revolvers, this product is also available without the magazine pocket. 
Our LOTUS Harness is for smaller firearms and works best on smaller framed torso. It was designed for women however many men (including police officers wanting to carry a back up gun) love the product. The smaller weight of the firearm allows for less shoulder strap holster material and greater comfort. Lead time on this product is currently running at least 4 weeks.
The ULTRA model has its holsters permanently sewn into place. This is our original product created in 2009.
You may notice that NONE of our holster pockets are open at the bottom. We could significantly reduce our inventory if we made our holster pockets with an open bottom, however we have found that open bottom holster pockets allow the "sight" on the barrel of your firearm to get "hung up" when you draw it. For this reason, all of our holster pockets are closed at the bottom.
ALL our shoulder holsters allow the wearer to comfortably carry a concealed weapon all day long with fast and easy access sitting or standing.